why not?

by chloepeh

i had planned to post another one tomorrow. like one per day, so as to moderate. but if people can read more than one post a day, it also wouldn’t be overloading if i post more than one a day also. right?
i have some random thoughts, that are too short for twitter and too long for one post, so i’m gonna combine and rojak the post.

] do you find yourself constantly thinking about some issue endlessly; but when you ask yourself a specific question, you end up getting the answer for your own question? somehow things get less tangled. is it cos when you ask yourself a question, you are figuring it out in bite size. you start small instead of trying to shove the whole chunk down your throat. or is it cos you are looking at it in a, like, tilted perspective hence you can see it with a different set of mentality. or the answer is just hidden in the midst of the manifested worries?
i find that when this happens, it feels as if i am conversing to myself. like silly.. but if it works then nevermind lah.

] when you are creating something, which is more important? the tool or the idea?
i remember answering it for school report two years back. the teacher kept emphasizing creativity.
but right now i feel that knowing how to use the tool is so important to me. the tool actually inspires me.
if i get a box of color pencils and paper, i would feel inspired by the colors and the freedom to draw anything on that clean sheet of paper. i love textures of the paper and exploring styles and feel of different colors etc etc etc.
on the other hand, if you wanna use a creative software, but you don’t know how to use it, you would just get frustrated and all your creativity can’t be conveyed.
i use autodesk maya for school. i have many ideas, but most of the time, i am usually fiddling around, trying to get the desired results, most of the time troubleshooting.
take it as, the tool is the box and your idea is the contents. you need your box to hold your contents.
of course the contents are more important than the box, but if the size of your box is not even adequate, it’s useless.

] perspective affects everything. like beer goggles. haha. your state of mind affects all your thoughts. i could try to be as objective as possible but my thoughts will still be biased for as long as my state of mind is. why i say this is cos my very first post was written with a negative perspective. somehow that day i was feeling upset. it felt as if no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t push through negative thoughts. or if i’m feeling angry or defensive, all my thoughts would just revolve around my angry emotions. all my thoughts are laced with particles of the general state of my mind. and i rather it be a positive one.

12:28 am