what’s annoying me right now

by chloepeh

my sleepiness is annoying me right now.

when i’m sleepy, i can’t squeeze out words to properly convey my thoughts. i get absent minded. if i do think of a way to express my thoughts, i might forget it the next second. my eyelids are so heavy it’s uncomfortable. but i’ll sit around and wait too long to move elsewhere cos i’m too tired to move.

is it okay if Mary starts a blog and just share things that no one has all the time to listen to her?
is it okay if she starts out slow and wobbly because she is still getting warmed up?
is it okay to ask for judgement to be skipped and just find something agreeable from it?

i can’t guarantee, but i will try, to practice what i preach.
not for the exchange, but it might brighten up someone’s day. it would for me.

12:56 am.