keep your friends close,

by chloepeh

keep your enemies closer.

when someone is doing something silly, it’s pretty obvious they don’t know what they are doing.
if they know, they won’t be doing it, right?
sometimes i find that i know exactly why they are doing it.
not that i’m trying to be some smart arse, but that’s cause i’ve been there done that.

John doesn’t like Sue very much. Sue isn’t likable at all. So he backstabs her together the bunch of friends.
But in front of Sue, John is a different person.
He is so nice; when she says something wrong, he helps to lighten up the mood by making a small joke out of it.
The vibes you get from these are kinda subtle but not hard to read if you put yourself in their shoes.
His attempts are so weak and actually not funny at all.

You might say that he is just trying to maintain friendliness.
But honestly, he just seems to want acceptance, even from an annoying girl like Sue.
Looks like some issues with self esteem going on.

I know i would do that if i am desperate to be accepted.
perhaps it’s just assumption. but i can’t be wrong all the time.

i don’t wanna be an open book especially about my weaknesses.
if i have enemies, they would be keeping their friends close, and ME, closer.
wouldn’t want my enemies to know me more than i know myself.

that is if i really do have enemies. B)

11:52 pm