What Scares the Shit Out of Me

by chloepeh

confession: i googled the blog topic.

ghosts scare the shit of out me. not just because it’s the lunar ghost month now.
(although the fact that it is, triggers my imagination a lot too.)
just unexplained freaky stuff is enough to scare my pants off.
i dont have to explain why people are afraid. they are unknown and potentially malignant etc.
honestly, what disturbs me, more than a ghost actually disturbing me, is my paranoia.
i can listen to someone joking about footsteps on the corridor of level 6 one late evening, and i might not be able to shower that day. being oily and sweaty after a long day..but you dare not go behind closed doors alone for the fear of someone staring at your face or hovering at your back or crouching at the corner.
when i take the lift down, i’m afraid i will keep looping at the same level and i’ll never get to ground floor.
or something is taking up that seat at the far end of the room.
and other imaginations that i cannot share more if not i might be able to sleep tonight.

when i was young, i was watching some silly local supposedly ghost show. it’s meant to be humorous.
it’s so poorly made.there wasn’t even dim lighting.
it’s basically just a mop floating in mid air, with some cliche ghostly background music.
the people acting in it, were not acting scared. maybe mildy curious.
but, as a gutless little girl, i was so petrified that night, i hid in the sheets while trying to fall asleep.
thing is, the weather was so super hot. i was practically sweating like a pig.
but i was at the mercy of the ghosts hovering above, and needed some form of protection from my magical blanket.
the thicker the better, more protection and makes you sweat more.
this happened one too many times when i was a kid.

i think nothing else scares me so much that my shit comes out.
scared, no. annoyed, yes.
which i’ll be glad to rant about. wahahahaha. >:)

11:10 pm