10 things i want for christmas

by chloepeh

i know..it’s not even christmas yet! but that’s the point. i’m not trying to hint what i want..
see, i’m a good person. -angelic smile-
(but even if i were to hint something it doesn’t make me a bad person right?)

i’m a christian, on contrary to my previous faithless post.
Christmas is not just a pagan festival to me. which makes me enjoy the day more.

i want i want i want:

1. a new bible. (‘holy holy’ i know)
i’ve always wanted an ultra slim leather bonded classic nkjv bible.
i like how it opens and just lays flat, instead of having to keep prying the book open.
some seems so shy…they always clam up!
and you always have to keep your hands there so you don’t lose the page.
i like those ‘loose book spine’.
and the size! it’s so slim and light it’s easy to carry around and you can pick it up anytime.
in my opinion, it looks great.
i could use some convenience and accessibility.

2. books on faith (faith, not condemnation or steps to success)
i like books.

3. music on faith
i like music.

4. movies on faith
i enjoy movies.

5. decorations for faith
the house could use a bit more decor. and i could use a bit more reminder.

(there are 5 points alr! wahahaha. )

6. goodies! nothing conveys a celebratory mood than happy food.
cupcakes, cookies, brownies, jelly(??), chocolates, wine (maybe?)
i’ve got an oven to use, hence it’s easier to prepare the christmas gifts.

7. clothes. any season is every reason for more clothes! accessories also can. shoes also.

8. art materials. this is not especially exclusive.. but i could always use new pencils and new colors and new paper.
so i can express my inspirations and joy.
in case i get the mood. :) just in case. hahah.

9. potpourri or room fragrances. on contrary to people who think that scented candles are shitty gifts.
(same same, but different from 5.)
these things don’t last forever. you could always use a replenish. unless it smells weird.

i notice these are not really personal. they’re the appropriate universal gifts right?
haha. but who cares. i like them anyway.

10. pleasant looking umbrella. bam! another totally random item.
the ones i have are the super basic. i like basics and even i am bored of those boringly boring umbrellas.
everyone in the entire universe seems to be carrying the same ones.
well, either the boring basics, or the freebie brollies (which are worse, lol.)
i want a simple yet good looking brolly. perhaps with trimmings and a fancy handle.
something different but not too weird.
then again, i’m usually too lazy to carry a brolly out.
if it’s a drizzle, then i would just heck it.
if heavy, i would take the 1000 miles longer route or cab or just bum around at home.
but.. if i really do have a pretty brolly, it shall be my bestfriend and i will carry it wherever i go.

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