happy birthday to me

by chloepeh

my birthday passed about a week ago, 30 july.

you know what i dislike about having your birth date at the end of the month?
awkwardness. and you miss out all the birthday month promos.
15 would be a good. you get to activate birthday mode in time to start eating out at restaurants and grab all the birthday deals.
for me, by the time i get in the mood, it’s already august.

about awkward, you know how people always celebrate by the month?
in my school or church, it’s always ‘let’s celebrate for the july babies’
and usually it’s not the end of the month/my birthday yet.
it’s the feeling you get when you opened your christmas gift on christmas eve instead.
you ought to be ashamed but who cares, you can’t wait already.
but difference is that, i am not that excited.
it’s like an obligatory celebration, not that i’m against it.

i don’t have any ooph feeling about turning 19..
just feeling.. a bit older. and running out of teenage years.
a big difference from turning 18 when you get to drink, drive, blablablah.

3:26 pm