being 19, last year as a teenager

by chloepeh

looking back… i realized:

i was disappointed. it was never as glamorous as imagined.
who knows where i got the misleading idea from…
movies,magazines,other bluffing media..what else.

transition of secondary to tertiary,
i planned a cool new look, with a bunch of cool new friends, with cool night activities at cool new places.
never happened.
not enough fashion sense, not cool enough to find cool friends, super protective parents.
most of the time i was just partying at home with my laptop and assignments,
you know, -nonchalant shrug-

it does not rock being young and confused and stupid.
with nothing figured out and hormones raging, you can’t stop knocking your head against the wall.
while you are busy adjusting to what ms-annoying-puberty throws at you,
other things join in the party and gives you shit also.
it’s as if you are not confused enough, there’s a chain reaction from there.
it’s as if you fell, tripped into the bin, the bin rolled down the hill, and flew into a truck that drove into a dump site.
^as seen on Spongebob Squarepants

there are perks though. whatever mistakes, blame it on adolescence.
since you are already being stereotyped, might as well make use of it before you don’t have the chance.
since teens are seen as temperamental, might as well quarrel with any naggy auntie that pissed you off.
since teens are seen as irresponsible, might as well turn up late everyday.
(or sleep late, wake up late as i do, right now)
since teens are seen as wild, might as well drink, smoke, sex.
i’m just saying.
but seriously.
by the time you are an adult, you have an image to keep up. you wont have fun stereotypes to abuse.

hence, if you are a chinese, irritate people with ching chong language.

4:51 am