what would i like 200 more of?

by chloepeh

postaday topic: #200)

first, what i don’t like 200 more of.

i don’t want 200 more of close friends.
it’s not close if there are 200 of them..
too many becomes a clutter.

i don’t like 200 more meaningless mainstream songs.
although the tunes can be catchy..

i don’t like to have 200 more iphone generations.
need i explain? haha.

i would like 200 more friends. not close, as mentioned earlier.
i mean people to hang out with. the more the merrier!

i would like 200 more magazines to look at. i love magazines! they’re so full of pictures.
instead of looking at a photograph on the computer screen,
it’s so much nicer to have the hard copy in your hands.

i would like 200 more good, inspiring novels.
but i’m not a big fan of following the story line.
i just enjoy relating to the little things the characters do.

i would like 200 more macbooks.
if one lags, i have another!
would be good for doing different things,
school work on this, movies for that, the list goes on.
i can store different stuff on different laptops.
no need for external hardisks alr.

i would like 200 more color pencils.
colors of all gradients! would be a great boost.

i would like 200 more earphones.
those things are so fragile, i could use a few(or in this case 200) extras.

i would like 200 more songs from MichaelJackson.
goes without explaining..

i would like 200 more beautiful crockery.
even instant noodles can look good when served in a pretty bowl.

i would like 200 more clothes and shoes and bags and accesories.
who doesn’t!?

since it’s 200 MORE, it’s gotta be something i have to begin with.
i can’t state something like cars or apartments yet..
although i would like to have many of that.
and helicopters, and islands etc etc etc.. wahahahahaha.

12:33 am