jack of all trades, or master of one?

by chloepeh

i am more of a jack right now.
take example drawing.
i enjoy drawing.

i can use pens to sketch,
(photo courtesy of Jessica Kate Leslau)

to draw reptiles, -the dog on the left is not a reptile. i am aware-
(photo courtesy of L235)

i can use pencils for animals
(photo courtesy of ShadowOfTheFallen)

i can use color pencils to draw objects,
(photo courtesy of Wallcoo.net)

i can use charcoal for a portrait,
(photo courtesy of Karen)

i can spend a lot of time and make something look very realistic,
(photo courtesy of Fudfoodle)

but i don’t think i am skillful or extraordinary..
how i do drawing is just an example of how i do other things.
i know a bit and there, but i’m not drop dead good at it.

‘jack of all trades, master of none’ must be a criticism!
cos they’re not mutually exclusive..
there’s no reason why someone can’t be both a jack and a master.

to be honest, i’m only a jack for now. cos i’m not a master at anything yet.
i would like to believe it’s cos i need more time.
i do hope to master something one day.
but by then, i also wanna dabble here and there in other enjoyable things.

come to think of it, you can only master a limited amount of things in your lifetime..
so if you’re not a jack, life must be so boring. (biased statement ftw)

4:36 pm