rated stuff

by chloepeh

over and under rated stuff that is.. (;

fake lashes are so over rated.
it’s true! they look like that if you look up-close. creepy right..
from the wet market to the red carpet, everyone just slabs on the fake lashes.
maybe not really the wet market…. but still.

natural curled lashes are so much better.
(photo courtesy of clarins. not rly clear, but still obvious they’re not those fake lashes)
if you don’t have natural long curly lashes, just curl it and add mascara.
it’s true fake lashes can enlarge eyes very much.
so it’s good for dinners, events, other show-off time…
i just dont find the need to resort to fake lashes all the time.
not just because i’m not very good with them.

that’s right. i said it. FRUITS.
i know most people dislike veggies.
some veggies are cooked yuckily.
and some (celery, coriander) are just yucky to begin with.
but fruits are a different story altogether!
strawberries can get very sour, but the sweet ones are so lovely!

in short, the fruits are nice.
but i also understand if the yucky ones get rejected..

in my world…people seldom watch tv.
they watch tv series and movies on laptops instead.
it’s so tiring. why??
you have to sit in a chair (dont wanna overheat your laptop) and keep moving the cursor.
tv is much relaxed…
just sit on the sofa or bed.. flick through channels.
i love starworld. i was catching masterchef aus.

i know..i’m slow. s2 is alr out. but that’s not the point.
after watching masterchef,
flick to nickelodeon for spongebob,

then to hong kong drama, (don’t stereotype! it’s super nice)

then back to starworld for how i met your mother.

i have endless things to watch.
cos of the constant stumbling upon shows i’ve never seen before,
i’ve started a liking for it which extends my endless list
(which grammatically doesnt make sense)
HENCE, watching tv is under rated and watching it on laptop is over rated.

k, i’m done for now. i fear the someone will come along and say
“no! everyone i know eats fruits. you’re stupid”
“no! everyone around me have beautiful lashes,
we dont need no fake lashes. you’re dumb. and asian.”

5:39 pm