i am one of those people…

by chloepeh

who rewatches youtube videos, movies, even tv series.

who is hot and cold. either i do a lot of it or i don’t do any of it.

who never does anything until the last possible minute.
i’ll either be a lazy donkey or a mad cow.

who drops thing randomly on the ground.
honestly i don’t know how something can just fling out of my hands.

who either reply your text instantly or hours/days later.

who gets all girly and squeal at puppies or hamsters or other fluffy creatures.
sometimes even elephants. not really.
(i got overwhelmed while searching for the pics..)

who stares at the menu for ages. after which, making troublesome requests.
no cheese please, add more lettuce.

who zooms past you.
dislike solid objects(people) blocking the way. you’re not liquid. you’re in my way.
the slow poke lane is on the left. thanks.

who sings randomly. don’t matter if the room is quiet.
i will sing whatever tune is in my heart! -stoic-

who smells books.
how crisp and new-paper-smelling the pages are..

who goes to the toilet every 5 seconds. no need for details on this one.

who removes shoes and sits unglamly,
whenever there is a comfy seat and the situation allows unglamness.

who doesn’t finish all the food.
i’m not thoughtful for africa kids. ):

who always has room for desserts
don’t all girls?

who pretend that airplanes in the night skies are like shooting stars.
cos i really need a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now~

11:02 pm