less is more

by chloepeh

no, it’s not gonna be a post on how less is more for makeups.
but it’s true.

i recalled reading blogs posts on simple things.
they are bite sized
like 1000 awesome things.com,
and people like it.

i love stories with just the right amount of background story,
characters,story development, and whatnots.
take ratatouille for example. (i watched it a gazillion times.)
it’s set in paris.
but they did not talk about the eiffel tower..
nor every other paris-y thing (that idk cos i’ve nvr been there)
the scope is just sufficient.

there’s a reason why there’s a word ‘optimum’.
it means, not more not less, to get to the best. (hah, that rhymes!)
it’s like snakes and ladders.
say you’re already at the 2nd last box,
but you get a 6, so you move backwards 4  steps.
it’s too much!

besides more room for error,
it’s annoying. people who spoil market..

2:41 pm