righteous pleasure

by chloepeh

guilty pleasure is so last season.

shall jump unto the ‘cool’ bandwagon for this reason.

watching cartoons are cool now!
i love watching spongebob.
i can even memorize some of the episodes,
it’s never gonna get old for me.

i started to like harry potter very much.
i read the first few books, watched the first few movies.
but i found it troublesome to read the next few books,
so i stopped and lost track.
it would be even more troublesome to start all over again to recap.
but after watching the DH2, i got pulled into the harry potter current.
later than the rest of the world…
but the story, acting, effects, blablabla, is so good.
i am willing to go for a catch up marathon now

i am open to what’s trendy now.
previously, i would stick firm to my individual non existent fashion sense.
i would refuse to follow the world when they were wearing bandage skirt, leopard prints, whatelse.
i didnt follow so i can’t remember.
but now…i have learnt my lesson.
i had been too stubborn..
(why so serious lol )
but it’s still better to choose properly what’s compatible.
it’s one thing to be open about it, but another to follow blindly.
those paper bag pants do look flattering.
(the pic’s just for joke, obviously it looks more subtle in real life.)

i like plus sized models.
it’s great that people are starting to boycott anorexic models.
so what if it’s harder to look universally good in everything.
clothes are made for people, not the other way round..
even for models.
curves are feminine and sexy, come on.

1:00 am