constant need to shower.

by chloepeh

why do humans need to shower so frequently?
why do we have to produce so much waste?
why are we so oily so fast?

i get these ‘Why God?’ moments when i stay at home the entire day.
browsed some websites, watched several youtube videos, and i feel oily.
so i shower.
after showering, lunch, watched tv, play fb games. oily again!
it’s not like i have a choice either.
i would be massively irritated till i comply.
come on man, this is so troublesome.
all i can remember is i just showered 2 seconds ago and here i am at it again.

doubt i would be feeling so neurotic about my cleanliness if i were not at home though.
i would feel clean when i’ve been in a mall the whole day cos it’s air conditioned.
and i would sneak a thought, maybe i don’t need to shower when i get home.. (no judging!)
i guess it’s cos when you’re home you’re meant to be comfortable and at ease. hence the high neuroticism

and constant need of sleep. what’s up with that too!
except now i’m having school holiday, got plenty of time to burn on sleeping.
so i’m not complaining it now.

6:30 pm