ridiculous sleeping hours of school holidays

by chloepeh

i have something to complain about sleep now.
last night/morning, i slept at 7am and woke up just 4 hours ago at 3pm.
had my ‘lunch’ at 7pm.
my meals are staggered so much it’s kinda funny.

my mum is afraid of the sleepiness from staying up.
that’s a bit weird.
i thought most people are afraid of the sleepiness from waking up.
maybe it’s a mum’s syndrome.maybe i’ll be like that too if i have kids.

i’ll go all out to stay up doing whatever and wake up whenever.
diligently, as if i’m on some night shift.

i foresee myself sleeping at 10am and waking up at 8pm in the near future.
i would be perfectly okay to see it aggravate like this.
except i want a vacation job.
but i’m a late bird catching the leftover worms for the day.
and next day, having job interview phone calls
that disturb my REM at 11 am.

7:40 pm