i just woke up.

by chloepeh

i just woke up at 7am today.
don’t know for what reason.. i feel the need to account for it
maybe cos it’s kinda amusing to slept 10 hours shortly after i woke up yesterday.
ha. haha.

somehow playing with figures, translating it here and there, is interesting.
Aberdeen asia uses it as a fun fact in their print ad. i keep seeing that advert on trains.
says 1 million dollars weighs 1 tonne in 1 dollar bills. or sth like that.
but i know they obviously did not actually take 1 million 1 dollar bills and put it on a weighing machine.
most likely 1 dollars bills in a smaller amount, say 100, were weighed, then multiplied.
i am such a smartass.

8:20 am