once bitten, many times shy

by chloepeh

since when is someone just twice shy?
if i were to get bitten by a snake,
high chances are that i would have phobia
of snakes the rest of my life.
once bitten, 100 times shy. that’s for me.

i just realized how things are so easily tainted,
no room for carelessness to get bitten.
you put in 99 good. 1 bad, it’s not good anymore.
that is super annoying and super unfair.

for relationships, they are not just of high maintenance,
but faults are ever so ready to invade.
what annoys me
is how a fault has power to challenge the purity of it,
on top of the trouble it has caused.
it’s a double whammy.

take example a date.
with a dozen roses, at a classy restaurant, sparks flew,
until someone accidentally offended the other in the last moments.
even with sincere apologies, the date just sucked overall. too bad.

a single nose job turns a girl ‘plastic’.
a single betrayal turns friends into enemies.
a single misunderstanding turns a conversation bitter.

a single spoon of chocolate turns your coffee into mocha.
a single double dip turns the salsa sauce yours. good idea.

4:20 am