seeing the worst in others

by chloepeh

people, me also, tend to see the worst in others, given any possible scenario.

when two girls hang out and one significantly ‘prettier’ than the other,
people, me also, sometimes think she’s just trying to make herself feel good,
being around someone who is not as attractive as she is.
or, the other girl wants to show that she’s attractive at heart
cos she’s got an attractive friend.
but most of the time, these are just very mean thoughts. (shame on me)
they could be childhood friends. who grew in very different ways. lol.
who are we to judge a person’s friendship. shame on me again.

to see someone smoke, or party, (or other controversial things)
you’ll think of the worst possible reason why they do,
in comparison with yourself who don’t.
and look at them in some ‘thou-is-not-as-good-as-I’ way.

ironically, we don’t judge ourselves the same manner.
we, me also, give ourselves all sorts of validations and justifications,
while we spare no mercy in judging other people whenever we feel like.
we expect people to give us a benefit of the doubt and understand us.
people, me also, can be so … amusing.

3:50 pm