there’s a chinese saying..

by chloepeh

i forgot the exact words. not really sensitive with chinese words.
to translate directly, it says:

humble is good, overly humble is fake.

i find it’s similar to what people say,
‘fishing for compliments’.

first thing off my head is how pretty girls always refuse compliments.
and i think to myself, don’t you live on earth? don’t you ever look in the mirror?
i mean, if you are human, and live on earth,
you would notice the physical appearance
of other humans.
and if you do look in the mirror, won’t you ever compare yourself with others?
can’t you see you have long glossy tresses?
basic observation can tell
not everyone’s hair shines like that.
can’t you see you have clear complexion, free of spots and bumps?
it doesn’t take rocket scientist to realize the existence of pimples for others.
get over yourself.. and just say thanks.
(some korean artist whom idk. Shin Se Kyung ➤)

refusal of compliment renders 2 types of response.
1. further attempt to convince you of your awesomeness, or
2. rolls eyes.

if it’s the lack of ability to respond appropriately,
well, just gotta suck it up and learn how to.

unless i love you.
i guess you can act coy for me to shower compliments.

5 am