by chloepeh

i disappeared for 2 weeks!
i meant to blog daily so there’s a momentum.
but since i started my vacation job, i’m usually too tired.
i didn’t even check my Sims on facebook for 2 weeks!
my Sim almost died.

i didnt know office hours can be so tiring.
occasionally OT..
not cos i’m hardworking.
but cos since it’s hourly rate. $.$
office job is making me fat.
just eat, sit, sleep, eat.

i do microblog.. for people who care enough to see my twitter. haha.
about bouncing back up from the previous post..
kinda not happening yet.
things are still so screw-y.
i’m acting kind of crazy.

once upon a time, i got a blackberry.
unwittingly, i put the installation mini disc into my macbook.
little did i know mini discs are not compatible with mac.
it got stuck.
frantically,i searched online in hope for some diy solution.
i picked one that asked me to put scotch tape onto a big disc,
insert it into the disk drive so it would stick to the small one then eject.
not surprisingly, it was unable to eject.
so for about 4 months, there was not just 1, but TWO discs stuck in my macbook.
it was such an uneasy yet stupid feeling having something(s) stuck inside your laptop.
plus the discs were making so much spinning noises. so worrying.
finally it got fixed today. took me long enough..

7:20 pm