how are you?

by chloepeh

i disappeared for another 2 weeks again.
busy working.
sort of. not entirely actually.

i’ve become more irritating these days.
probably this post is gonna be irritating too.
been successfully irritating people around me,
even nice people who seldom get irritated.

about couple years back,
when i was young and enthusiastic about life and people,
i would truthfully answer when people ask me ‘How are you?’
when people ask me how am i these days,
i feel like breaking down and baring my soul about how broken i feel,
hoping to find some understanding and consolation.
but, i don’t think i should..
somehow people start to not care anymore.

the correct answer for ‘How are you?’ is ‘Good’.
other answers are unlikely to work for conversations,
people will just do an ‘oh..’
and try to walk away, avoid awkwardness, or any heart baring session.

sometimes i see people crying on the streets
and no one even stop to ask them what happened,
people are rushing to their next destination,
or too conscious about how to console.
but it’s amazing how a genuine small talk
can brighten someone’s gloomy day.
how nice it would be,
if people genuinely cared for each other without any strings attached.

if more people were on the receiving end, more would see a clearer reason to do so.

2:00 am