announcing your plans

by chloepeh

the thing about sharing personal plans,
and what bugs me most,
are the expectations it attracts.
a plan might be simple with pure intentions.
but once it’s ‘public’
somehow there’s an expectation to live up to.

i don’t know if it’s just me,
but i feel i have to prove that i can live up to what i say i want.
honestly, at the end of the day,
i’m not sure if i’m really doing what i want,
or just proving to people i can do what i aim to do.

i would prefer to speak mostly with my actions,
so they can speak for themselves.
and what that actually means is, i’m a defensive wuss.

because, if i were not so concerned about people’s opinions about me,
i prolly wouldn’t care and just say what i like, do what i want,
make mistakes in front of people.
too bad for me, cos doing that takes guts that i don’t have.
the guts to protect your dreams and keep running for it,
even when people watch you fall and curse you wont be able to stand again.

11 pm