those evil people in my blog

by chloepeh

i seem to be living in Planet Evil
the people i mention on my blog seem to be the meanest,
especially from the last two posts.

truth is..i’m just a human being on earth.(surprise!)
i do meet kind people!
just that i’m feeling quite negative these days.
can’t help being skeptical about people’s intentions.
and it doesn’t take a lot to get me down.

with people who want to watch others crash and burn,
i know there are also people at the other end
who are genuinely concerned and want to help.

just putting it out there that i know i’m being a little extreme on the negatives.
but it’s not gonna stay this way, because it’s not what i really want either.
it’s just a phase,
and the thing about phases is that they will pass, right?

12:50 pm