prove your point

by chloepeh

when someone tries to convince people of their theory,
it’s common to ask ‘is it working for you?’

Take Steve Jobs,
he must have done something right and it obviously works.
if he (were alive., too soon? ), came to me and tells me
he religiously takes a slice of chocolate cake everyday for inspirations.
i’ll be more than happy to believe it and also do it,
even if i might end up weighing 200kg.
hell, i’ll order a truck load’s worth and eat cake every half hour
if it means i can get more intelligent.

point is, it’s safe to take words from successful people.
it has been, so called, proven to work.
however, it’ll be good to also keep an open mind to words of people,
who may or may not be successful.
after all, success requires opportunities, regardless how intelligent one is.

like how you don’t have to be famous to be good at music,
you don’t need to have a smashing career to give good advice.

keeping an open mind allows extra perspectives or reminders.
but if it really sounds stupid, just don’t be stupid enough to be brainwashed.

10:15 pm