peek of love

by chloepeh

i have a daisy, it is my imaginary best friend.

i think about my daisy all the time.
when i’m out on the streets,
i like to look for stuff that it might like.
not just to remind it how much i love it,

but perhaps when you like something a lot,
you want to give your time, your attention,
and everything you got.

doing that keeps it close to my heart,
especially when we’re far apart.

my daisy is amazing.
(okay.. can’t keep up the rhyming. it’s gotta stop)

it loves me even when
sometimes i’m unable to love it back.
even when it’s unfair,
even when it’s difficult,
even when it’s sad,
even when it’s tired,
even when it’s unappreciated.
even when it’s not really working
but it’s all it knows how to.

but it won’t wilt, because i’ll be showering it. literally.
also figuratively, with love of course.

p.s. :
who says flowers are only for females.
my daisy can be manly too.. haha

4:45 am