i’ve been watching tv

by chloepeh

and the most annoying things can happen.
i was watching the last episode of a tv series
and waited for a less climatic time to go toilet-it was really urgent.
as soon as i zoomed back to the tv,
the main characters were already in tears then next scene.
it was the best time to NOT go toilet.

day two, i was watching how i met your mother on starworld.
and the cable box tripped at the last 10 seconds of the episode.
it was not as if i was fidgeting with it,
i didn’t do anything not even touching the remote control.

also, my mum ate the cheese snack i’ve been waiting to eat all evening.
still sort of relevant to the topic,
cos snacks enhances your tv enjoyment.
they are relevant, and important.
now i feel like having some cheetos.










1:15 am