not predictable, more theoretical

by chloepeh

people have a tendency to give advices and warnings
some in good will,
others just attempting to change what they don’t like to see.
but that’s not the point.

How warnings usually work:
1. You are eating rice – Analyse current action, at this stage seemingly harmless
2.You will want to eat prawns next. – Predict potential actions
3.Allergy of prawns triggers you to dance, bump into the furniture and you will be bruised, for eating rice.
– Analyse potential action and it would be bad, if not it wouldn’t be a warning
3. Keep all prawns out of sight, throw away furniture, etc.  – Suggestion

what i’m amazed is how practical advices sound, so believable!
(or maybe i’m just gullible.. but take it as i’m not gullible but an intellectual.)
it’s still just theory at the end of the day
as much as you want to apply them,
it completely misses the mark.
those predicted actions doesn’t even happen!
you really don’t want to eat prawns after eating rice.
maybe just feel like having broccoli.
even if you really do feel like having prawns
you don’t end up dancing, you just want to take a nap.
and suggestions are irrelevant.
it’s like getting an media player that looks like a vacuum cleaner,
expecting it to clean stuff, but it can only play music.

not saying i’m against advices.
but human minds are unpredictable that way.
no matter how logical it might sound,
your brain might decide to do something or respond in a way that’s off the charts,
but still equally logical.

words turning out to be less practical may also apply to salesmen and politicians

4 pm.