it’s not that unique

by chloepeh

i don’t know what’s up with people 
who introduce themselves like
‘i don’t like people to break my trust’
‘i hate liars’
‘i like music’
‘i like to be accepted for who i am’

i’m sure some people love it when their trust is broken,
love being lied to and really want to be rejected for who they are.

that’s just stating the obvious but act as if it’s super uncommon.
come on! who doesn’t like music?
it’s universally liked.
(unless a person is weird and possibly extremely sad.
but that’s something interesting to share instead.)

once, i said i don’t like vomiting
my boyfriend replied ‘i also don’t like to vomit’
i realized it was lame to have waved it around
as if that’s so unique of me, as if other people love to puke.

if i wanted to share something i dislike,
i should give a case and point
to at least try make it a little more personal.
an attempt like
‘i know puking is better than holding it in and suffering,
but i’ld rather cringe in pain for hours’
instead of hoarding it as some personality trait