what’s cool

by chloepeh

effortless is cool.
cooler than straining.
i dont mean not putting in effort.
i mean more than just putting in effort.
it’s when you’re so fabulous at doing something,
you do it well even without trying too hard.

when someone applies for auditions or whatever,
(example of when you need to prove yourself)
it’s still expected of her to perform well, regardless the jitters.
if she’s able to convince only if she hits her best show,
it’s not good enough.
to be practical, a person can’t just whip out their personal best all the time..
you can’t always count on that..
but if someone can wow people,
even with a nervous, 1/2 baked or 3/4 baked performance,
it really shows some standard..
what more when fully baked?
it makes people believe you have limitless potential..
instead of an ‘is that all you can give?’

therefore! put in loads of efforts to practise something,
until able to show it off effortlessly.
try not to reek of strain. play it cool..

like how a girl’s already naturally beautiful in her t shirt and shorts,
how much more will she knock your socks off when dressed up.
it’s like you’re so good, you can fly on auto pilot.