personality test?

by chloepeh

i shampooed twice,
that was not part of my shower regime,
almost dumped my laundry into the rubbish bin,
and slept an entire night in my contacts.
i had never forgotten to remove them in my entire young life. it’s a big deal.

i must be preoccupied with something these days!
cos i went ahead and analysed the behavior,
just like personality tests on magazines,
horoscope readings, and dream interpretations.
perhaps… i wanted to get a piece of myself.

secretly, people enjoy discovering their own little fun facts.
or not so secretly
publish their horoscope readings on facebook..
either way,
we are curious if we are introverts or extroverts
based on the slanting of handwriting.
or if you make a good lover
from how you want your steak done.
or if you are likable to babies
from the size of your right knee.
or if you’re actually some artistic genius
from the remarkably detailed dream last night.

even if interpretations are way off,
at least people can gasp and realize,
it’s really not what they are or
what they really want themselves to become.
see, it’s either psychology or reverse psychology.

9 am