2 things i dislike

by chloepeh

i don’t like super cheesy cheese.
actually,i don’t really like dairy products in the first place.
but when sometimes i like to have cheetos,
or cheese fries, some baked rice,
it’s sad to abandon those food cos the cheese is so cheesy.

i don’t like milk that’s too milky.
so far, i only like one brand of plain milk
out of the millions out there.
and i like chocolate milk,
which isnt true blue milk is it?

i love salt.
i love my chips to be salty,
my corn on the cob, and apples.
it’s nice to dip wedges of apples with some salt.

since i tend to abuse salt,
i don’t like those salt which are too salty.
it’s like concentrated salt or what?
i just need some ‘diluted’ salt to sprinkle liberally into my bag of chips
without killing my kidney.
more of an illusion of a saltier taste.
like how healthy cooking suggests to cook with little salt first
then add more after so we can see it being added.

i don’t like milky milk, and salty salt.
it should make sense after this elaboration okay?

5:30 pm