this season

by chloepeh

i can’t help feeling jealous of those people
who are sick and they certainly look like it.
like their face turns red when they sneeze.
even redder with combo sneezes!
people would be all over them, treating them so precious,
asking them to get some rest, drink more water.

i ought to be shot for being so shallow and lame like this.
but when i sneeze, i sneeze and then i look like nothing happened.
my nose would be stuffy but no one can see and no one cares.

now i wouldn’t care for it,
because….-imaginary drum rolls-
it’s the holiday season now!
hopefully that means the end of the flu season
because it’s sad to be sick at this time.
everyone just wants to go out,
for christmas shopping, soaking up the festive mood,
or baking stuff at home.

4:30 pm