secret genius me

by chloepeh

love this movie! imdb isn't right all the time

one day, i thought aloud;
why not, i create a place where people could ‘rent’ sofas.
sit down and spend quality time with people who matter.
have some good coffee or a slice of cake.
but wait!
someone already did it.
and it’s called a cafe.
silly moment (that my boyfriend witnessed)

another time, i thought
hey, why not collaborate with other companies
to create something unique,
because that would merge the resources,
the audience, create more diversity blablabla.
oh wait. there’s a term for this,
and it’s called a collaboration.
silly me again, acting like i’m the only one with brains.

but i can’t help feeling like there’s hope for me!
there’s something in common between me and those successful people.
i might be possessing a hidden streak of genius, and untapped supply of intelligence.

if i were born earlier, i could be in their places!
i mean, my ideas are completely original…
except i didn’t know it already existed.

4 am