by chloepeh

and that was only half joke.
i’m kinda mentally preparing myself already.

this year,
i’ve been been picking up random hobbies before i don’t have a chance to.
like baking, and playing guitar.
i’ve been treating my loved ones better before i don’t have a chance to,
like spending more time and money with them,
which validates my lack of social life.
i’ve been wondering about people’s investments
because the world might not survive for their returns
and it’ll be funny to see gagillions go down the drain.
i’ve been praying lesser,
since i might be meeting God soon anyway.
that’s not meant to be blasphemous…

i’ve been making less plans for the coming year,
less expectations for various issues,
non existent new year resolution.

i havent even bothered to google the mayan apocalypse thing
i didn’t really care because i didn’t really believe it.
turns out i kinda do, stupid thing affects me too.

however,  there is a possibility we don’t have another year,
or even another day.
this moment,
i have come to realize that we really shouldn’t take things for granted.
and tomorrow,
it’s very likely i’ll continue to procrastinate doing the important things in life.

7:30 am