happy new year and one rant

by chloepeh

i’m 2 weeks late for a ‘happy new year’
but anyway here it is, an obligated greeting for the first post of 2012.
an update, i don’t believe the world is ending in 2012 anymore..
it gets sillier the more i think about it.

i’m here cos i want to rant about
how too much talk becomes diluted
and becomes worthless
and no one rly cares anymore.
specifically how some girls go on and on and on
about their broken heart from boys.
they like to talk in some form of riddle, 
which by the way,
are not good riddles cos they’re always so obvious.
it’s always so boring,
it’s always those few things to complain about,
and usually never funny enough to be cool.

people say, silence is a girl’s loudest cry.
if she is sad enough to talk so much about how sad she is,
she doesn’t seem that sad to me after all.