2nd month of the new year already?

by chloepeh

the new year isn’t so new anymore.
time passes so fast! cliche, but true enough.
which corresponds how we are growing and maturing.

i know that maturity is good,
it’s convenient and a worthy investment in life.
but somehow i always disliked the word, ‘maturity’.

what i dont like is how people expects you to do this and that,
in the name of maturity.
those who are not their type of maturity are scorned upon.
does maturity necessarily mean you have to be all boring and strict?
boring and strict people think they have rights to determine what’s right,
and everything else wrong.
they ‘encourage’ others, or rather, brainwash.
they say you’re immature to somehow agitate you to be more matured.
they claim that enjoying life and having fun is important,
but in a boring way, which just seems like hypocrisy.
they think being having discipline and strict equates to maturity.

mature |məˈ ch oŏr; -ˈt(y)oŏr|

adjective ( -turer, -turest)

1 fully developed physically; full-grown
• having reached an advanced stage of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult
• careful and thorough (of thought or planning)

the dictionary definition doesn’t seem to say ‘be boring and cynical and small minded and mean’.

11:30 pm