i dreamt that i was a zombie

by chloepeh

i was certain i was the zombie, not surrounded by zombies,
cos i was the one infecting some person who was chasing me.

i went to analyse my dream online, again.
this is starting to be a habit…hmm.

anyway, it says:
To dream that you are undead represents your inability to express yourself.
You are feeling disconnected with others.
Alternatively, the dream suggests that you have relapsed back to your old habits and ways.

these days, i feel quite lost in communicating my feelings to others.
i have things to tell, but somehow it’s still kept within.

i feel that as we grow older, we keep more things to ourselves.
maybe it’s because things get more complex and it’s hard to explain,
or maybe we’re afraid to open up to people that much,
because they tend to come and go very often.
or maybe we’re too caught up with life,
stuff like these can wait.

when we were little, we would whine about that little cut on our finger.
now, people rarely know if we’ve fallen ill until we’re on MC,
or what caused that broken heart within us,
is this part of growing up?
1:15 am.