i don’t like the video, Kony 2012

by chloepeh

i learnt about this just today.
at first i was ashamed of being so cynical.
it’s for a good cause, why am i being like this?
but as i see more people against it too,
those negative feelings became more substantiated.

i know..i don’t have all the facts,
but i’m still going to go ahead and entitle myself an opinion on this.

not gonna break down the video and analyse which parts prove my point.
maybe just the duration of the video. 30 minutes?
even for me, time is too precious for that 30 mins video
i really don’t think 30 mins is necessary,
it really can be compressed.
the movie Machine Gun Preacher,also about Joseph Kony,
validates its duration more.

also, the overall mood of the video.
i feel it’s too dramatic for something so serious.
when something has to resort to pulling heart strings in that manner,
i wonder if that is what it is banking on. don’t manipulate.

the video is too fancy for my liking.
it takes time and effort and money for such nice visual effects.
a bare minimum to get the idea across will do,
people will understand.
stop wasting resources to doll up the unnecessary.

some person, Grant Oyston, said
‘I do not doubt for a second that those involved in KONY 2012 have great intentions,
nor do I doubt for a second that Joseph Kony is a very evil man.
But despite this, I’m strongly opposed to the KONY 2012 campaign. …’

there are more to what he wrote,
a more informed perspective than my half baked

it’s got 23k notes,
this many supportive responses of not supporting the campaign.
look at that!

for such a cause,
it doesn’t seem right there should be so much skepticism going around.
what’s wrong?

4 am