four reasons why i’m not a morning person

by chloepeh

music becomes much faster in the morning.
a slow song sounds fast and a fast song sounds like bullet train!
it’s like i’m still half asleep in lalaland, time was all warped & slow,
and reality is too fast to catch up with.

what’s up with the water retention thing going on in the morning?
those puffy faces when you wake up? so not flattering..
it takes half the day before my face stops looking bloated.

i always wondered how that nicholas hoult guy, from Skins, works out in the morning.
i can’t even do stretching without feeling like i’m gonna tear a muscle.
no thanks for morning exercising, i don’t like to push it.
evenings are better.

also, i can’t eat much in the morning.
that’s the irony because metabolism is highest in the morning.
people say, ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper’
how to be a king when.. .. i’m a female? aw, isn’t that corny.. hehe.

there seems to be a gradual transition from full asleep mode to full awake mode,
with some inconveniences in between!

6 am