i freaking love words

by chloepeh

i freaking love useful words! 
i finally found this :
‘square peg in a round hole’
story of my life!
it’s not that i never heard of that..
i just forgot about that phrase.
and i always say i’m on different frequency with most people.

when everyone’s doing work, i don’t feel like.
more often than not, i’ll be the only one slacking.
when everyone gets tired, i want to get started.
once again, i’ll be the only one doing work.

it sounds snobbish..
true enough, i do pride in that sometimes,
feeling oh-so-unique and set apart. but only on good days.
when it works against me, i feel like betraying that frequency,
as if it’s a person with a mind on it’s own,
and turn my back on it if i could.

there are plenty other things that make me feel like a square peg in a round hole,
that i forgot.
and plenty other phrases to use and replace my lengthy explanations,
that i also forgot.
point is i say in such a layman term all along,
when i could sound more concise and intellectual instead.

i am so sleepy right now, i just want to shower, lay on my bed and snuggle to sleep.
it’s not all the time i can get a good sleep these days.
but i’m confident i can today because i am tired!
there’s the silver lining!