busy feels good

by chloepeh

for these few weeks, i’ve been occupied with a temporary job.
especially this week, i just got two little hamsters, got to spend time bonding with them after work,
also spending time with my family,
also preparing some activity ideas when i meet my boyfriend this weekend.
i dont even have enough time to sleep!
humblebrag much, example of useful figure of speech i just picked up.
currently announcing how secretly happy i am.

it’s actually just a pride thing.
even if the activity is as aimless as running on a hamster wheel,
it still feels good.
that pride can be a silly pride.
in the name of a blind sense of accomplishment,
people spend life building useless things.

by that i mean overworking and not learning how to be contented. 
i’m not apologetic for spending time on people i love, and my small animals.

10:15 pm