stop it, you’re not an auntie

by chloepeh

i’ve observed girls call themselves aunties
just because they’re doing something an auntie would,
like being in a supermarket, doing household stuff, etc.
i do it as well!
i love going to the supermarket because there’s plenty of food,
and do homey stuff like baking and cooking,
then i call myself an auntie, as a self deprecating joke.

but when i saw other girls calling themselves aunties,
it isn’t nice, it seems like fishing for compliment.
cos they’re obviously not aunties,
so it just shows off the contrast between them and real aunties.
‘i’m in a supermarket shopping for vegetables, i’m so auntie!
but wait. look at my supple skin, and perky boobs’

quite offensive to use aunties as a joke.
i’ve never seen an auntie joking about how auntie she is,
cos it’s not funny.