maybe i don’t like music

by chloepeh

i love the memories that are attached as i play back a song.
i love reliving the moment that a song is able to capture.
i love the way a song is able to record a person’s presence.

people tend to like a song more if it’s a soundtrack for a tv episode, or movie.
because in that way, the song owns a part of the drama.

i enjoy music more with a music video.
i get to connect with the characters like
how i feel myself strolling in the night light.

if a music video’s not available,
then i’ll just have to create one for myself.

there are days i don’t feel like appreciating music,
i get bored of it, i try to add something to it, as it’s not good enough in itself.
and if i take the subject as a person, that doesn’t sound like true love.
maybe it is just the ability to connect that i really love.