by chloepeh

i’m stumped, been sitting here for some time and nothing suits.
why is that? my mind is full of thoughts, my heart full of emotions.
which reminds me when there are so many things to say.
but they just don’t come out.

i’ve been watching Dexter, not about to go all gaga about it,
although i honestly felt like i lost something when Rita died.
spoiler! watch out, we got a bad ass.

Dexter was curious how people can just share what’s on their minds,
that notion feels familiar.

it got me to take a step back and wonder how do people actually do that?
are those words even real, or is it only part of their masks?

human interaction is so complex.
words need to be heavily filtered,
there’s an unwritten law to say the right things at the right time.

i know it’s sensibility that you can’t just say someone is stupid..
but for everything you speak,
people expect you to have a good reason for sharing.
you can’t just shoot your mouth off and expect people’s time and attention.
no one wants to listen to mindless talk.

i don’t mind listening to ‘mindless talk’ if it’s funny,
or there’s something to learn, or from someone i love so it gives me joy.
see! there’s an exchange rate.
it’s not that i’m complaining because it’s just life and being practical.
but sometimes it feels caged up because there’s no real liberty to ‘speak your mind’.

therefore, i was stumped.
addressing link to title because i felt a need to account for the lengthy post.