why my cake is ugly

by chloepeh

my cake is ugly because i’m not spending time to learn the buttercream flowers,
or doing some soft serve swirl on my cupcake.
or laying fondant all over.sorry but i’m still busy experimenting the recipe to find the right taste and texture;
which is, oh im just saying, only the very idea of a cake.

i don’t wish to decorate a cake and it ends up looking better than it tastes.
sorry i prefer to learn walking before trying to fly.
beware of those beautiful cakes people boast about. they make me so jealous.
i can do it too… just not yet.. ):

stop calling my cake stupid and ugly.
once the taste is mastered, it’ll blow your frickin minds.
i’m pretty confident with the decoration after all i’m an art student.
(partial.. art student?)

note: cake is an analogy – for times when it seems i’m being slow and stupid, it’s only part of my masterplan.
although i also meant it literally.

the sorry-ies are sarcastic.

why am i being so emotional??!?!