McDonald's for honeymoon, Zuckerberg?

by chloepeh

my sweet boyfriend was so excited to hear my thoughts on this.
it got me motivated enough to not procrastinate longer than an hour.
i was busy eating biscuits and having my green tea, my breakfast.

so Mark Zuckerberg took his wife to Rome and had some McDonald’s..
first off, i don’t know that couple, caption obvious me,
i don’t know their dating personalities, what they want to do while in Rome
their thoughts on luxury foods,
i don’t know how much they love macs,
which actually makes it none of my business.
but since it’s already news and a common topic, it’s okay :D

i think it’s interesting and casual, quite cute.
people seem to be confused why they are not having caviar every second of their lives.
but everyone loves macs!
fine dining and fast food are not mutually exclusive.
relax, Mark Zuckerberg probably already ate at 20 other fine restaurants before having some macs.

just because rich people can dine at fancy restaurants and buy helicopters and islands,
doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have macs and take a stroll along a beach.
people have preferences! just chill it with the rich people’s preferences.

it’s quite ironic that i’m sort of flaming the fumes here because i’m also talking about it.
i guess it’s quite fun to talk about someone an entire world knows about..
the media really knows how to use it.
now i feel like having some Mcdonald’s too. damn.