bored with prim

by chloepeh

i’m feeling like venting and blogging for the plain sake of blogging because it’s been weeks.
i don’t feel like sharing any opinions right now so it has quite a pointless point.
how boring to worry about standards, this and thats.
so i’m ‘blind writing’;
also blind in general cos i’m bored.
see, i even left out the ‘proper’ in the title.
watch out! we got a bad ass!

when i listen to a song, and i go ‘aw…yes yes. that’s exactly how i am.’
then i’m not sure if i should feel happy there’s a tune to connect to,
or , especially if the song has 20 million views on youtube,
i don’t feel special at all anymore.

this is not even new, i read it on a badge pinned to a school bag, back when badges on school bags were cool,
but it gets to me every time.
‘you’re unique, like everyone else’.
boo hoooooo!