know what has consequence?

by chloepeh

being stupid has consequence.

i don’t know what’s my issue but i’m bored with consistency.
everything has it’s ups and downs and it’s impractical to just be consistent.
it scares me when things are going ‘sideways’ that sometimes i might subconsciously screw things up for a change.

i’ve been trying to be the person that i want to be,
prim and proper with a certain set of principles as most classy females do.
no vulgarities, strong sense of morality, a sharp mind, keen attitude in life,
and i’m just showing off some of the cool things i want to be so i should stop since i’ve made my point.

see, last post i decide to be funny and all bored with consistency,
so i made a pointless point.
then i started to feel paranoid and all.
so clearly, i don’t have the guts to follow through my reckless action.

well thought out actions come with rewards.
whereas stupid actions come with a price.
and .. i love free shit.