a pop of hah-hah-happy thought

by chloepeh

i try not to flaunt my relationship..
with what they say about
’empty vessels make the most noise’,
it’s better to keep it cool…you know, i’m a cool type of person.
-sunglasses, check-

but somewhere along today, i was thinking
i love to make him smile, and hey, he loves to make me smile too!
and dammit, that’s rare alright.
too often, a person wouldn’t be concerned about making you happy
just because you like their smile.
you fall for one, but he falls for another.
falling in love with each other is a combo!
a combo isn’t called a combo if it weren’t a cool coincidence.

i don’t mean to brag.. but i think i can also tick the cheesy checklist of  ‘How I Know My Guy Loves Me’
hash-tag totallybraggingoverhere.