reality check

by chloepeh

call me cynical or world weary,
but it’s better not to do too much for a person, for their sake!

we can’t do unconditional love for nuts to save our ass.
at the end of the day, year, even decade, or so,
there’s going to be calculation eventually.
and if the accounts don’t tally well enough,
people are going to get grumpy.

my friends won’t appreciate some moral debts they cannot repay
because they just don’t like me as much to reciprocate equally.

say i think this girl is cool, funny and all.
we become friends and i like her very much to get her some 2k Prada bag. (lol)
however, to her, i’m only likable enough for a 50 bucks Topshop bag.
so i start doubting in myself, i feel used, and i don’t feel loved, blablablah.
subsequently, she also feels the pressure and obligations because i’m being all upset.
it’s quite unpleasant.

but if i’ve calculated the sums in the first place,
we could meet halfway, and minimized the disparity,
i would not be as invested and voila!
problem solved.

come on, we’re only humans. gotta get real.